The intoxication kiss…

The intoxicating kiss

(I was asked. What do you remember? I told them, when the kiss was so sweet and so wonderful. Each kiss, we shall remember.)


The wine, the songs and the foolishness.
These three temptations make me shred my wisdom and my logic.
Her intoxication kiss made me know great madness and I needed to  look at her beautiful face and I needed to hear her voice.


She wrapped her tender arms around me and she create a tangle web.
She made the sane man run away from secure love and life.
Beautiful Daniela danced for me at the midnight hour.


Demon, angel, muse or deadly siren?
I fell into her arms willingly,
I knew she were a Gypsy woman who needed everything and nothing.


I went to the Gypsy card reader and she spread the card on the glass table.
The pretty  Gypsy lady, she read the cards and she told me.
Run Johnnie, run Johnnie.
You are dancing with the devil.
If you don’t, she will teach you tears.
She will teach you to want death and
she will teach you to kill.


In the month of October I went to her.
I wanted final words and to escape from her river blue eyes.
I sat on her bed of twisted pillows and blankets.
She came to me and she dropped her dress of many colors to the floor.
She straddle me and she looked into my eyes.


She told. Love isn’t fair and love isn’t sweet. After every touch we want more and more.
Mouth, skin and our loins need more and more,
till love burned our heart and soul in deep sadness and loneliness.
If you stay.


You will be part of me and I will be part of you.
Just us loaning kisses and embrace in the coldness of the night.
She whispered into wanting ears.
I will love you, I will hurt you and I will leave you.
My heart wild and free.
Too much for one man and I’m so damn crazy.
I want everything and I want nothing.


I brought her closer and I whispered.
I will accept the payment my dear Daniela.



Dancing Coyote