José Feliciano and some words.


Time for our world to befriend each other


It is a big, big wide world,

so many people,

all of us knowing the same enemy today.

Russian government on YouTube told me to  use ginger,

I make homemade ginger tea and I feel better in the morning.

In Israel, drinking warm water, baking soda and lime at noon.

At noon, I make my baking soda and lime tea.

I feel twenty years younger.

I hope the old world is gone and we learn.

We are just people, just the same in so many ways.

Wanting a safe place to live for our children,

opportunity and chance.

I don’t believe anyone, anywhere,

want to fight and die in a war in faraway places.

The world is quiet and I pray.

Countries, that can help.

Are helping the countries in need.

We are one people and one earth.

Time for us to gather as one.

It is time for the four corners of our world.

To befriend each other.


Dancing Coyote