Stripped to the bone

(Adult poetry)

Stripped to the bone
I told her, I love the darkest things.
I want a love so dark, my world turn purple/black.
I don’t want sweet words, I want demanding words.
I want a love that bleed and I can feel the chaos and the pleasure.
She smiled and I told her, I adored her dark tight dress,
I loved her pale skin and I wanted her to dance the Devil dance by
the midnight moon, stripping to to skin and bone,
nothing hidden from hungry hands, my demanding eyes.
She opened her legs, moving her hands between her legs and she whispered.
Damn soldiers believe they are the kings of their world, the master of all things.
What do you believe brave soldier?
I told her, everything cost something.
When a woman allowed you into her warmth of her flesh and showed you, her hidden places, her wild need and her screams, where we know the taste of the bliss and the kiss.
This is fortunate place to be my beautiful friend.
She laughed at my words and she told me.
Damn poets believe his own words. You don’t find angels or saints in the taverns.
You want us, to stripped to the bone sex,
where we steal and loan kiss, taste and pain.
Where we stop when we have nothing left.
The curse love you love dear Johnnie and the poet.
Love to bleed to paper and bleed-out in life.
Am I the fatal love you want?
I caressed her leg and brought her right foot into my lap.
I took off her shoe and I caressed her foot and her calf.
I looked at her coffee brown eyes and I whispered to her.
Love had left my heart and now I seek a woman,
who don’t lie. I want her honest and dirty words.
I want to know her deepest needs.
I want someone seeking pleasure, not everlasting happiness.
She smiled and she whispered, drink-up Johnnie.
We will see if you can bleed. We will stripped to the bone and see if we like each other in the morning.
                          Dancing Coyote