A amazing poem by a talented writer.

Lucy's Works and Co

Memory elides into the eyes there

(let it die) in the sloth of dreams, it is

a protest against the ice shadow

of what the fuck were we thinking under

the frail permanence of memory, this

stir dislocated into cracked lilacs red

born as species, the earth moves the rock.

The ocean shivers each broken bone, come

to the blood of desire where laughter opens in

the frightful wind in silence, a secret that is under

the haunted shores that teem with frost leaves, the

continuation through infinity, temporarily anchored in the shadow

of the tide by the surrounded white shapes of grass and ancient shelter of

black roses draped over your face, traversing the underfed yellow, this

leaf of autumn that bleeds into the deformed sky, the sun red

as we are collided into the mumbling refrain, the concentration of light upon the rock; 

alive, the icy wind…

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