The serene stillness

The serene stillness
Busy life, work and no play Johnnie.
He learn life is more than seeking money.
In the serene stillness,
he remember his daughter laughter,
her love of butterflies.
He remember the father and daughter dance,
now just a photo,
the most loveliest of photo he owned.
Now he teaches his grandchildren the dandelion wishes,
he showed them the wildflowers fields and
the great lakes of Michigan.
He taught them to dance with the water and
make ladybugs wishes.
The serene stillness teaches us,
life blessings are the laughter of children,
hearing the words of dear grandparent gone.
I told my children,
do one thing daily that you enjoy,
find something you love and keep it forever.
Life is unstoppable and we must ensure,
we know the kindness of love blessings.
I pray today,
healing for family,
healing for my world.
I pray our government understand,
we are not just numbers on a death board.
We are people with names, families and we are a part of this world.
Today Johnnie learn,
the coronaviras is true and I pray.
We keep the distance rule and we stay at home.
One life lost because of making profit for big business,
is the wealthy man greatest sin.
Thank you for reading,
be careful, be safe.
Stay home if you can.
                                Dancing Coyote