(The name Delia is of Greek origin. The meaning of Delia is “visible”. It is also of English origin, where its meaning is “of Delos“. Delia is generally used as a girl’s name.)

I was dancing with the Devil every night  in the Winter of 1992 and
hiding out in the Austin, Texas taverns.
The happy hours Long Island ice teas made my pen come alive. I was waiting for no-one and no-one was waiting for me.
I wrote to my journal, love dead, cannot be revived. Love sweet become bitter wine. I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder and a dark eyes girl took my journal and she read my words. She smiled and she laughed. She told me. You damn poets love misery and the whiskey. You need the damn wars and you love the coldest and meanest woman near.
I looked at her, I loved her black dress showing off her strong legs and the blackest hair I have ever seen. Her eyes digging deep into my soul and I told her. Dear Delia, beautiful Delia where you been hiding? I needed the kindness of your honest words. You are my Texas muse, my last wish.
Delia took my hands and she brought them to her heart. She whispered, feel my heart, feel the beat of my heart. I am alive and you are not dead yet. I can’t save someone who love the dirt and sweat of life. You love the darkness and you love to swim in her.
I watched her dancing eyes and I told her. Delia, my dear Delia. Poets are wishful and writers are dreadful. We love words more than love. But you make me smile and want deadly dance and the sweetest kiss. Why did you find me tonight?
She raised my right hand to her mouth, kiss my hand and she smiled. She whispered, maybe we are the same. I love the word, I love to test life and I like the crazy ones. Johnnie, you as crazy as they come. I need to feel your hunger. You taught me to give without asking for more, you taught me escape before foolish words can escape my mouth. You taught me to love the whiskey kisses and now we are at a turning point. Do we accept our damn love or do I leave you for the last time?
I saw her eyes, digging deep into my eyes and I told her. I love you Delia, I love you more than the whiskey. I love you more than the damn wars. I am willing, if you are brave enough to accept a man swimming in shit?
She kissed my face many times and we wandered off into the Austin night. She held my hand tightly and a needed silence of two people trying to find a place to rest and know happiness.
                        Dancing Coyote