‘Round Midnight (110. Instinct)

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The Cult of Anne

fashion-people-woman-girl-4310403 Photo by Mochammad Algi from Pexels

Tears flowed freely today. I was out teaching all day except for lunch with Asami and Aoki, who I wasn’t expecting. She came about a half hour late to give us time for our reunion. She lives close to Prairie Moon, our usual haunt.

I am about to weep; but, thinking that
We are a queen, or long have dream’d so, certain
The daughter of a king, my drops of tears
I’ll turn to sparks of fire.

I think someone took a picture of me, of us, together.

The article came out this morning in a mass-market weekly. I was on the front cover.

Cassandra Sommers
Life, love, and the truth

Lot’s of pictures, and I think I’m going to get that bonus, too, if the emails I’ve been reading are true. Ophelia, of course. Even Stacey, but she was more complimentary. She knows…

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