Lovers or liars??

Lover or liars?
Would you? Could you my love?
I know we are just dancers upon the earth,
loaning and borrowing kisses and the love embrace.
Are we, a tragic love story,
or seeking a happy ending where love can bloom to a beautiful Summer rose?
Are you my killer? Are you my savior?
Are we just dancers seeking safe place,
warm heart.
Are we lovers or liars?
My sweetest love,
you have captivated my mind,
you make me believe.
I am brave enough to love you.
I pray to the moon, I pray to the stars and 
I tell the morning sun.
I love you more than my need to escape.
Please stay with me till the Winter of our life.
Be the hand I can hold when I am afraid,
be the kind face that make me smile when I am sad.
Let’s write a lullaby to the moon, to the stars.
Of two people,
who held on and never forget the gift of love.
   Dancing Coyote