Happy Mothers day

The word “Mother, mama, grandma, grandmother”


Thank you kind women,

who taught me.

Listen, speak kindly and never leave with anger as the last words spoken.


Memory of a Mother

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I was raised by a stepmother. I called her mother. She gave love and raised many children. The word Mother should be used in honor of strong and wonderful women.


   Memory of a Mother
(I was raised by my stepmother Sonja. A beautiful and wonderful lady who died too young.)
Names given are earned.Not easy to become. You were a mother to many. You try to love all of us. Errors made in a life haunted your dreams and life. The good deeds overcame all your mistakes. Mother and  Mama. Sweet words spoken to a woman who loved her children.



You shall be to me.

Mama Sonja for your gift of love.




© 2011 Coyote Poetry