Nuclear Fallout

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.


I’m retreating
Transparency leaving
Transmissions ending
And maybe love will stop receding

I hit the fast track
I’m not looking back
I’ve accepted everything as black
And everything is what I lack

What does it matter if you’re not here
You’re just my world that disappeared
And I made it worse the atmosphere
Like nuclear fallout I fear

And regret deeper than the Grand Canyon
With quicksand, I stand in
Clearly, the wrong landing
And it’s even worse than I imagine

Empty, dry and desolate
With doubts that I can handle it
Love neither narrow or straight
Worry now the heaviest weight

Peel my eye to your silent sky
And why you never said goodbye
When self-worth becomes a lie
Nothing left but to die

© Delia Ross. 2020

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