Amazing poetry by a talented writer.


Has reason ever opened its wings for you
On cool spring mornings
Like seeing the world for the first time in color
The way your blue drapes over the skies
Have you ever seen your slight smile shining like a crescent moon
The way it hangs over my heart like you do
With hands strong as timber
Planting your roots in my veins
I found you so feebly
Why did you disappear so deep into darkness
What if my hand never touches your skin
That’s how oceans form in deserts
The way you planted life in me
From a single drop of your pen
Or the first time I heard you speak
Water rolling in covering my sumits
I need you
You are the air I breathe
Every thought, every molecule
I crush through your secrets like photons do
You should identify as a galaxy
Can you see your reflection…

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