The sweetest gift

The sweetest gift
(Written in October 1990)
In is noon on Sunday and our bodies are wrapped together,
your warm skin against my skin,
my arms encircling you and I am falling into the sweetness of your perfumed skin.
I kiss you neck, I put my face into your hair and you laugh at my playfulness.
You turn to me and I kiss your lips,
I whisper, you are so beautiful my dearest love.
The softness of your body and the warmth of your kiss,
make me feel complete for the first time in my life.
I whisper to you,
in living, the moments of softness can be forgotten so quickly.
The sweetest gifts are willing and needed kisses,
welcoming the kindness of love touch and swimming in passion.
These gifts, we should never forget.
We can be too greedy and I know,
I will never stop loving you.
I never want you to feel unwanted and my hope.
Is to make you smile everyday of our life.
For your love,
Is the sweetest gift I ever known.
              Dancing Coyote