Only you

Only you
(Written in December of 1990. Young and hopeful man poetry. Good to be young.)
I feel you coming near,
I feel the heat of passion awakening in my sleeping mind and heart.
You had erupted my need to love,
to dance and to sing to the rising moon.
Only you,
my sweetest dream,
make the days, wonderful,
make the nights, exotic, wild and free.
I feel like a young boy again,
fearless of life,
praying and wishing for love kiss and
to have you near.
The sleeping man came alive when you gave me the gift of love.
I was the running man to no-where and
your kind voice, the gentleness of loving eyes made me believe.
Love was near.
So my sweet love,
please wrap your arms around me,
please give me a thousand sweet kisses,
allowing me to swim in the ambrosia of you.
Only you,
can make fallen man rise and dream again.
You gave me mercy of love kiss and
I promise to love you forever and a day.
                Dancing Coyote