We can frolic in the sea and  be sun-kissed by the sun,
we can dance and sing to the moon and the stars,
we can be brave and allow our heart to swell with love glory.
We will  learn the parting song one day and
we will be alone.
We must forget the harsh Winters days and remember,
the sunny Summer days where we knew laughter and love.
The old man near the sea was asked by the pretty poet.
What is true wealth?
He raised his arms up to the sky and he told her.
The greatest wealth is your children,
to watch them grow like the tallest trees,
touching the clouds and the sun.
To watch them open their wings,
to learn to be brave and fly freely to their dreams.
Wealth and fancy items will one day,
teach you, you are alone with useless things.
The richest person had many friends, love near and
children at his feet.
Laughing and singing.
  Dancing Coyote