I longed to write

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Ethos Of Solitude


One day I Placed a bookmark
On the page I left to write,
It was friday
And I forgot to write.
I remember it was a novel,
With the story of untameable love,
Usually it is a habit
To forget things
When mind is glued with body.
I was endowed with words
Who relish their company
Like a Stagnated river,
Or a riveted glacier.
Often they are abstruse
Like the obscure clouds
I like to live with my intricate thoughts
Which give me mental exaltation.
I abhorred all noises
And listened to the elopement of birds,
They cried loud,
Tinged with warmth of sunlight.
While tampering new world,
You need to ravel with love
Unless you should learn forget things,
Especially the similes of your words.

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