A voyage and some words.

A voyage
One, wild man was restless, fearless, a hurricane.
He loved rhyme, verse and epic poetry about love, war and nature.
He would drink, sing, dance into the midnight hours.
He wanted a voyage of a tantalizing life where one day.
He would use his pen like a painter, using the  brushstrokes to create perfect landscapes and beautiful portraits.
His fire and brimstone life, led him to the lost and found.
He ached for places, faces and home.
He wished he planted a garden and he watched her grow.
I believe in forever once
I didn’t know,
love could hurt so deeply.
I didn’t know,
your beautiful face would haunt me forever.
I didn’t know,
love wouldn’t be enough.
I believe in forever once,
and now I know.
Love was just like a wisp in the wind.
Easily gathered and so quickly forgotten.
Dancing Coyote