The kindness of September

Woman Wearing Black Coat Near Railings


The kindness of September




Our Michigan home is ready for the nocturnal rest and

I watched you look at the change of color with my adoring eyes.

I encircled my arms around you and I whispered to you.

You love the whiskey, you love the discussion of all things.

We love the war of words,

the war of emotions,

you are my fire, my warmest days.

You make calm life, a ocean storm.

You smiled and you tried to touch a butterfly.

You turned to me and you whispered.

We can rest when we are gone,

we don’t need locked doors and accepting just enough.

The kindness of Spring teaches us,

a careful flower live forever and love is ever growing.

You are loud voice and you love dancing with the sea, and

I am quiet storm seeking some kind of utopia in a messy world.

We found salvation in each other eyes.

The September cooler breeze touches open skin and

two lovers rose-up and danced with the flowing leaves of the Fall.



John Castellenas