Art of the Artist

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Bottled Metaphors

Image Border Editor:

I was vehemently approaching the art,
Mind was transcendent and unapproachable
Profusion of flower scent around me
Floated like the wreath from a ship,
I looked at the prosaic roots cling into mud,
Afternoon seemed like dreary evening
Wind blew fervently around dainty leaves
Poems always sobered me,
I was staring at the water in the river,
Mused by the way it ran across mountains,
Clouds drooped like a mother’s cry for child,
Stars like Splotches, glimmered through
Murky clouds like a thoroughfare between them,
With an eerie sense I detained myself
Petty memories across my mind
I was late for rendezvous with life
Still it accosted me at right time.

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