Noble Signs

Please enjoy the work of a talented writer.


My love, I have moved galaxies to watch you walloping
I have paused sunsets to feel your warmth
I have stretched across reason to find you galloping
Like a wild stallion to find my court

My love, why do you let doubt cloud the view?
I would build apologies grander than heaven
If it took the burden from you
You are an 8th wonder times seven

My love, every night I rest my eyes on your dreams
Do not chew on regret
For you, my love spans galaxies
Please don’t ever forget!

My love, why do you let the wind whisper doubt in your ear?
You are a spiraling galaxy
Love is in your atmosphere
And it all comes from me

My love, my arms are branches of hope
For you they grow
So long they circle the globe
They were made for you though

My love, the lines on…

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