I will never fall in love again…

 I will never fall in love again
I told the blue sky, love was sweet once, love was my life once.
I told the sun, I remember love.
Sweet as candy and wild as the sea.
Love made me live and love made me die often.
I told the moon, I will never fall in love again.
Old heart dead and buried.
I try to touch the stars and beg for a face forgotten.
A wild hair lady and the sweetest voice told me once.
You deserve love and I believe her for a second.
Sometime love come close to us and I told the sea.
Love is for the lucky and the crazy.
Locked-up men have forgotten,
love was life once.
The crazy man is gone and his luck turn to black and blue memories.
I will never fall in love again.
Just write like Salinger’s wrote.
The things, I should of done.