In a Perfect World

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Droplets of my Soul

In a perfect world in a flower field I would be
I’d be laying there, I’d be having a picnic,
or be watching the sunset, I’d be smiling no stop,
I’d speak giggle and chat, talking my thoughts: this and that,
Speaking North and then South with no beginning and end,
imperfectly perfect: like the flow of the time.

In a perfect world never struggling I’d be.
In a perfect world I’d be me like I am,
and my lips would taste of wine, cherries, books,
and poems, stories and kisses,
all the time.

In a perfect world maybe I’d be perfect like that,
but more likely I’d never understand
what a perfect moment truly is.

In that perfect world I am not,
but I can imagine it, all of it.
I can dream and can share it. I can dream I can reach it.
I can feel my…

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