Looking for my Agnes…

 Looking for my Agnes
Hemingway wrote of his Agnes. A love, who saved him and left him. Hemingway learn. Love in war, just gifts of the survivors. We must go home. Took J. D Salinger a lifetime to find his Agnes. Hemingway’s words made him know. Love was rare and needed. Salinger was heavy with terrible memories. A kind woman protected and loved him. She saved him. He found a forever Agnes.
Hemingway never forgot the kind nurse. She nursed his injuries and his heart/mind. He loved her till his last days. I wondered did Hemingway think of the kind married lady before he killed himself?
I wonder, do we accept less? I was saved and I was broken. Love was sweet and love was damned.
Today I know. We are just pieces of a puzzle. Just pieces gathering till we built a final draft, of what we support to be.
Maybe I had my Agnes? I have been saved and I have saved kind ladies. Maybe my Agnes is waiting for me?
I remember a Michigan beauty who caressed my face and she saved me in 1992. Maybe we need many people to save us.
The Hemingway wish, I may still have. Wishing for someone to save me.
                            Dancing Coyote