Pretty Jen

Pretty Jen
Was I running toward you or running from you?
You were so damn pretty and so confused.
I loved you once, in 1986 and we were just babies. We try to use-up every second like it was our last.  I found you again in 1988, our love more tender and kind. In 1991, we tried for the third time. We tried three times to stop our world. Become one and we could not.
I have wondered often. Was it me? Or was it you?
I know now, pretty ladies decide to stay or to go. You and I. We were the moon and the sun. Rarely touching and barely attempting the glory of the commitment of love kiss.
Pretty Jen, we are just photos, just some regret.
I remember us. Lovers, midnight talkers, stealers of kiss and touch. We were too scare to attempt love.
I pray you have found happiness. Life is wonder and miracles, also love is the ultimate sweetness.
I remember us. You would wrap your long legs around me and you would whisper. Love can be sweet, love be damn.