The beauty and the sea…

The beauty and the sea





You saved me. You waited for me by the blessed Pacific ocean and you turned to me. You looked at me with your sea blue eyes and I knew. My world led me to hell and back. I allowed the naysayers, haters and liars to control my world. You embraced me, held my head against your breasts and you sang to me.


“Sad soldier,
please don’t bleed no-more,
deadly world is far away,
we have found the sea,
we have found forgiveness.
Allow me and the sea to heal your black heart.
We will learn the Gypsy prayer,”


“Pray we have just enough,
don’t steal from or abuse nature,
be kind,
fair to each other.
Walk easy on the sands of time.”


I looked up into her eyes of kindness,
of perfect valleys where love expand and grow.
I told her,
Thank you, my muse, my love, my Gypsy girl.



Dancing Coyote