The killing gotta stop and Maria Daines song.

The killing


The killing gotta stop




We are one people and this is one earth.

If we stand together as one people.

500,000 people standing for the cause of human rights.

We can save our world.

We live in a messy world,

government separated children from parent in California,

children locked-up, alone and forgotten.

Our government is color blind,

the poor have been forgotten. A rich man world, has been for a long time.

The government wanted the Sioux nation land,

had soldiers ready to erase another great tribe.

Few stood with them.

A poor man killed in Minnesota,

George Floyd,

he is in my prayers and I pray.

The people stop the riots,

destroying your cities is foolish.

Where do you live and buy things?

The businesses being ransacked are just common people owned,

people of all color trying to survive.

We live in a messy world,

we must stand as one for our world.

A burn-down world, a hateful world.

Would be nightmare for all.

We need to follow the way of Martin Luther King Jr.

Stand as one in the streets and demand human rights,

safety for all and all people, can live without threats.

Thank you for reading.

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