The Dreamscape DuskRose Loved

Amazing poetry and song.

Starstruck Awenydd

Dream dark roses climb this manor I'm the ghost who haunts the crumbling spire In black lace branches, ravens clamor I'm the Moon who burns with faerie fire This World bore dreams like a velvet shiver There's a door in the tomb I cannot break So I called to my friend from beyond the River To crack your heart like a sweet sharp stake "Light of the Mist... Ghost of the Void..." I found you sleeping, in black flowers carved in ice "His love He kissed, The curse destroyed." You dragged it deeper, like a World to sacrifice. I've come to this World of deep velvet dreaming In the hues of your heart, dark as moonlight gleaming To the graveyards you locked with a rose-twined gate Where the stories in time-frozen midnight wait I'm the strange Faery King in your moonlit ballroom I'm the Rose dyed in dusk and theā€¦

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