A wonderful poem shared.

According to Meron

Where the inevitability of change
Comes clear to the eyes
Through the changing colors
Of the leaves and skies
Where the trees can’t convince
their leaves to stay
where, Even the butterflies
Fly away
To a land where its May

Where the metaphor of letting go
Comes to life
As the summer breeze goes
And the crisp air arrives
As the sun shies away
And days equal nights
Watery eyes
Early good byes

Where I pick myself up
And grow thicker skin
Where I put on layers
And hide what’s with in
Where I wait for melancholy
With my arms wide open
Where I catch a falling leaf
And hope to be stricken
With a thunder of lucks
Mixed with some rain
To wash away the disappointment
That is bound to happen
Because once again,
Autumn forgot the good in good luck
And brought lack, deprivation.

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