Friday Taylor Momsen song and some words.

Cold blooded lover



So pretty, so nice to look upon. I told you my dear Belinda. I could love you like my first love. My last love, but your eyes are dead. So dead.


Your worn and torn eyes showing me no love. Just accepting my company, just not to feel alone. You were a perfect beauty once. A long legged and tall lady who made me go wild with need and I found a burned-out heart and no love to be given.


I tried to make you laugh and I tried to make you dance to the good songs. I took you to beautiful places to learn new dream and hope.  I wanted you to need me. I learn.


Cold blooded lover are dead and bury in the heart. Sweet love had turn dirty with time and once hopeful lady wanted little and can give little back.


I went to you, years ago. I whispered dear Belinda. I love you so and love cannot wait for the cold blooded lover swimming in regret and pity.


I left her with final gift and broke my own heart. Beautiful lady broke my heart and she didn’t care.


John Castellenas/Coyote