Lillies I bought you yesterday

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Bottled Metaphors

Felt your smell
That roves like a flower,
En route I came to a stop
When I see blue flowers
Coated with mist
You were smothered in the snow
As winter was alone,
You went with them
And left me alone,
In the contours of day
I laid on mud, motionless
Waiting for you
To embrace me
As the boat kisses the shore.
You left behind village moon
And started loving city stars
But I never forget
That days we played
Hide and seek
And you went seeking in city
Endured collecting shells
And throwing them back
To the bottom of sea
You were never tired
Of rendition
I thought, you were astray
And squall on shore.
You left behind the lillies too,
Failed to remember the syllables too.

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