Blood in, blood out…



Blood in, Blood out



Little boys and girls grow up and become men and women. They were raised watching war, violence and hate. What did we teach them? What did we leave behind for them?



Religion, color and race won’t mean a dime when all that is good is gone. Who is crying for the cities being burned down in USA? Who will pay for the people who lost their livelihood? To rebuilt again.


Who are these people? Who can destroy without mercy? Brother/sisters destroying their brothers/sisters businesses in many places in this USA. Violence recoup more violence. Sending soldiers to stop riots.  Soldiers are trained to fight, not to separate. George Floyd is martyrs create by violence. His brother asked, please don’t destroy the cities. Blood in, Blood out. Just make the sky and river bleed the blood of the innocent.


Little boys and girls grow up and and the children are watching us. Watching their world being destroyed by looters and thieves.  They learn the darkness of men before learning to love, dance and sing. Violence and hate, my friend. Man’s great sin. We must heal/not kill or destroy.



We must remember George Floyd and the many injustices being done in our world. Peaceful demonstration. Like the great man Martin Luther King Jr. once told us. I dream one day where all people can walk hand and hand and stand for peace, equality and human rights.

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Little boys and girls are playing in the park today. They don’t see color, race or question religion. Just children loving the sun and the long day. Today violence is alive and well. If we don’t attempt to stop violence and hate, war will find you. You will watch our cities burn down and hate grow.

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Time to fix this problem. Stand together in peaceful demonstrations. Mass demonstrations make the government learn. We the people, we won’t accept violence and hate. Let’s honor George Floyd with create change. Not destroying the cities we live in, we shop in and the places we live.

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Time for all people to stand as one. One earth and one people.


Coyote/John Castellenas