Dear Autumn Christine..

Dear Autumn Christine


I remember when I saw you standing alone and I went to you.
I told you. You are so damn beautiful. Please talk to me.


You laughed at my words and you asked me. Are you using trickery dear Johnnie?
I don’t feel beautiful.


I whispered. Dear Autumn Christine. You have laughter and the eyes of a angel.
You made me wish to know you,
for us to dance and talk.
I want some gin and juice, slow dances and long kisses.
I want hot coffee and to see you at six am,
without make-up and with real face.


Your eyes goes serious and you asked.
No-one know what I saw and done.
I’m like leftover wine,
bitter and accepting alone.


Dear Autumn Christine. You are so damn beautiful to me and
all of us carry scars and regret.
I see the sadness in your eyes and I see the hunger in your eyes.


We are silhouettes waiting for someone to excite our mind, to excite our body.
I want to walk with you. My hand and your hand connected. One in the view of life, hope and chance.


Pretty Autumn Christine. Let’s trick the gods.
Make them see two people seeking love and joy,
showing the world.
Love is sweet and kind.


Dear Autumn Christine.
You are so damn beautiful to me.

John Castellenas/Coyote