Write, write and write some more…

Write, write and write some more

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words are powerful. They create tears, laughter, happiness and sadness. Without the great word-men and word-women. What would we know and understand?


                             Write, write and write some more

What would this world be without words?

The ancient writers wrote of war and love without fear.
Many of the great writers were damn for their thoughts.
I’m thankful for the realistic words of Dryden. Mark Twain honest and direct words and
Kosinski for making me see the true and scary world. Nevil Shute took me to times of war and taught me war is cold and heartless.

Their words left me with images of the realness of war, murder and disappointment.
They also taught me. Write, write and write some more.

Lonely can be the writer who looked at the world with real vision. Blessed be the writers who followed wars and desperate times. Hemingway served as a Soldier and reporter. His words bleed of the terror of war.

We need our Virgil and Dante. Without them myth and story would of been forgotten.
Sir Walter Raleigh, Robert Herrick, Jonathan Swift wrote of love, war and hard times. They left us with true history and they showed us. We can overcome hard times.

Why do writers write of war, love and depression? Why do writers write song for nature, beautiful places and woman?

We must. Writers are not born with pen and paper. They learn the want and need to express dreams and possibilities like the great ancient writers.

Dead writers come alive when we read their words. When we quote them and borrow a line, we rebirth powerful thoughts and great men and women.

I believe you must read to write. How does a empty book become full if you do not live?

Writers like Hemingway and Jack London would tell us. A worthwhile life is filled with adventure, love and pain. Read a Helen Jackson “Century of Dishonor”. Read a love poem from Sir Philip Sidney. They teach us real history and story of love.

We need a billion writers. Writers see with clear vision. Write, write and write some more.

Honor the ancient writers. Please read, read and read some more.

Coyote/John Castellenas