You are my poetry…

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You are my poetry…
Forlorn love, treasured memories.
You used to read poetry to me by the candle light.
You were my heavenly voice, sweet songs when life became too hard.
Once we undressed with the lights on,
once we talks till 3 am,
once we never parted.
Love was us and you were love.
Once spoken words of love, now are silence.
Did I forget? Did we forget?
Once we wanted more,
once we were one in dreams.
Tonight I bought sweet red wine,
red roses and kind words.
I told her,
love need proof,
love need evident,
kind love need to be remembered.
I will stop the world for you,
find the place where love was right.
Please forgive me for being lost.
She smiled and she brought me close. She whispered,
I forgive you dear love,
I will forgive you for forgetting me if,
if you come home and eat supper with every night,
You lay in our bed without the thoughts of work and life.
if you write words on my skin and on paper again, about us.
I whispered to her.
You are my poetry, my muse,
my kindness and my warmth in a cold world.
Your will is my will.
I know now.
“My song are bitter-sweet when you are faraway.
I will a song for you.
I need you near,
I need you bare and nude,
I need you raw and I need you sweet.
I need your laughter, I need your song.
I need your words.
A world without you.
A gray world to see.”
Pretty lady smiled and whispered.
“Promises made, must be promise kept.
When you open closed doors once,
they can close quickly, if just the liar prayers.
Meaningless words can burn the heart and the soul.
I am here and you must return home.”
                             Dancing Coyote