I left a lady crying…

I left a lady crying…

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just some words.


                                    I left a lady crying

Lady true lay down alone in a cold bed.
Words of love left her upside down and alone.
She ransom her heart for a endearing love and
she wanted to devour love with all her heart and soul.

I left a lady crying,
I left a lady falling and dying.

I gave enough to inflamed her heart and I took what he needed.
I left her weeping.

Lady blue, lady true dwell in sorrow.
She bared her heart and she knew.
Love is game of chance.
Better to nourish the want of love than
never know the sweet kiss and the kind embrace.

I asked her twice.
“Can you forgive me?
Lady true told him.
Men who steal and run.
He will learn,
he left a woman waiting,
he broke her heart and he didn’t care.
Karma is a fair judge my love.
You will miss me and I will forget you”

Men who dance in peril and live in the maze of lies and greed.
Will dream of their Lady true and never know real peace again.

Coyote/John Castellenas