The Stray Cat Inn..

The Stray Cat Inn
The night  was dark and the night was long. The Poet was seeking final place to rest tonight. A  sign directed him north.  He found the last road on the dead-end road. A small sign stated, Last Chance Inn is 100 feet away.
A welcome sign hung on the open door. “Come on in, all is welcome, the drinks are good and the people are not dangerous. The Stray Cat Inn, sacred place for people looking for no-one and no-where.
The Stray Cat Inn is cool. Top shelf booze and pretty ladies serving strong drinks. At the Stray Cat Inn, don’t need to confess, don’t need to seek forgiveness and don’t need to cry for things gone and lost.
A cursed life, a blessed life. It is alright, all is fair and falls into proper place.
Stray Cat Inn welcome all.