Summer solstice- When the sun and the moon kiss

“you taste like sunshine
just like you’ve been kissed
by the morning light
and I was the darkness
dancing with the stars
carelessly, breathlessly
and our lips meet softly.
color creeping in the atmosphere
the absolute lightest darkness
dawn is breaking:
A fleeting moment when
the sun can kiss the moon
  Summer solstice- When the sun kisses the moon
Once upon a time was two children living near Mishigamaa (The big water.) A brave boy and a golden skin girl. He was called Silent Bear and she was called Shanaya. Both of the Ojibwa nation separated by the big water. The tribal leaders were indifferent over hunting rights and sharing the Lake Mishigamaa. The father of Silent Bear knew his son, every complete moon. He would observe the golden skin girl dancing across the lake. He would sing to her, words of love.
“My beautiful Shanaya,
my little flower,
please be my love.
I can see you and maybe,
you can hear me.
I have adored you for eighteen Springs.
I am waiting for you and
when the sun kisses the moon.
I will cross Lake Mishigamaa and you will be my love.”
Shanaya knew Silent Bear loved her. He called her “Little flower since their could speak to each other. Every Spring, the Ojibwa people would have the great pow wow to celebrate the new Spring. All the tribes near would gather and sing/dance and pray as one. For good harvest. Little Flower’s father disliked the attention given to his daughter by Silent bear. The two fathers decided to allow the big water to keep the children apart.
Summer Solstice came and Silent Bear told the coyotes, the wolves, hawk and the foxes. Please tell my Little Flower, when the sun is kissing the moon. I will cross the big water and I will never leave you. The hummingbirds kissed his shoulders and he told the hummingbird. Please sing to dear Shanaya, I love her so and I will come to her when the sky become dark. Please tell my Little flower, light a fire for me to see her dancing for the sun and the moon.
The coyotes, wolves and the foxes howled songs of love to her. The hawk whispered to her. Be waiting by the blessed rocks with a fire burning. The hummingbirds found her and they took her to the dancing Lake Michigamaa. The big water was dangerous and she prayed. Silent Bear would not cross this night.
She knew the Summer solstice was awakening the water and she waited at the place of prayers, with a fire burning strong. She asked the big water. Please be kind to my beloved crossing the dangerous. If he died, I will die too.
Silent bear father could not rest, he felt confusion in his world. He searched for his son and he went to the Lake Michigamaa and he saw his son canoe was gone. He knew, you can’t cross the big water when the water is filled with madness in a canoe. He took the big boat into the dangerous water, hoping to find his son.
Silent Bear saw the fire in the distance and he worked the canoe toward Little Flower and the fire. A large wave overtook the small canoe and the canoe went flying away. He closed his eyes and he whispered to the sun and the moon. I love you Shanaya, I am the moon and you are my sun. He waited for death, seeing her face with the wild big water tossing him.
Silent Bear felt strong hands on his shoulders and he looked-up. He saw his father’s eyes filled with tears bringing him into the big boat. He told his father, I must marry Little Flower or die. The father took his son to Little Flower and the fire. He saw his son run to her, they embraced and they kissed.
Little Flower’s father appeared with great anger in his face and he saw the sadness in Silent bear father’s face. Silent bear father went to him and he told him. He would die for your daughter. Little Flower’s father told him. No-one died tonight, we can’t stop the great Winter storms and we can’t stop love.
The sun and the moon kissed. The spirits of the big water were smiling.
Dancing Coyote

© 2020 Coyote Poetry