Dear Michigan…

Dear Michigan


Treasure memories



Dark taverns, strong drink and I’m thinking of you.
Pretty Austin, Texas girl with strawberry red hair sitting near me.
She smelled like you. She smell like Summer flowers and free dandelions fields.
I told the Austin beauty.
You smell like a warm Spring day and you are so damn beautiful.
She laughed at my words and she held my hands.
She whispered to me,
we are not the lucky ones.
Love is damnation and the strong whiskey for us.
All we have is treasure memories and the Texas nights now.


Dear Michigan


I called you from Reno, Nevada and  I told you I’m doing alright.
I miss you already. Please don’t forget me dear Michigan.


I called you from San Francisco and I told you.
You would love this city. Kind people and wonderful food.
The city never sleep. I miss and I love you dear Michigan.
Please don’t forget. You answer with a silence and you told me.
Michigan misses you. Please return to me.

I called you from Monterey and I told you.
Monterey is heaven. Please come and live with me by the sea.
We could roam the coastline in the early morning.
Drink coffee and dear Michigan.  Please don’t forget me.
Dear Michigan, she answered. Johnnie, you love the sea,
you love the long road and you will forget me my love.
Please come home to me.


I called you from Big Sur and I told you.
Have been awhile dear Michigan. I have not forgotten you.
Today I’m in God’s country. Big Sur is so damn beautiful.
I think of you often and I wish you were with me by the Pacific.
Michigan answered with a deep sadness. Dear Johnnie. You don’t need me.
You have your sea, your drink and the long highway.
Michigan couldn’t wait. Too hard to be alone.
Sweet Johnnie, don’t be sad. We held love once and now you beloved the Pacific.
Be safe dear Johnnie.


John Castellenas/Coyote