Heart on fire..


Heart on fire



My faithful heart had learn once again.
Love was near and so damn sweet.


Once we held a captive love where we knew sweet kisses and the long embrace.
I remember your beautiful face and your tender words. You told me often.
Drink of me, take of me. I’m your love and you are my love.


I look at your trusting eyes and I whispered.
You make me live  and you make me dream. I want us to dwell in the joy of a happy life.
You are perfect and I’m so damn sorry.  If I made you sad and alone. Please forgive me.


Pretty lady smiled and a soft tears fell from golden brown eyes and she whispered.
Johnnie, your love song for me. Never ended. I love our quiet nights and I love our wild nights. You and I. Two fighting spirits. Wanting to save our world and we wanted to save ourselves. You never left me. Even when I was angry and hard-headed. You made love become so bright and you make my heart dance with joy and happiness.


I picked my love up and we danced to the song of Paloma Faith.

I told her. We must believe in our madness. Drink the gin and juice, find the sea and dance with the waves. Ensure we know. You and I. I and you. Two people who believe in love and we do know crazy.


My love smiled and she laughed. Yes we do know crazy and our great dreams. Keep us grounded and going forward. Please stay with me and let’s become older and slower. Let’s trick the Gods. Show them love is alive and well in this mad, mad world.


John Castellenas/Coyote