Green of sea

Amazing poetry shared.

Björn Rudbergs writings

I still recall your eyes
and how I saw the green of sea 
swelling deep inside
the night you said:

“I sense the salt again
my skin needs brine
my hair craves kelp to swirl 
I want to ride in foam 
that forms on waves, again”

I knew the brine of tears,
the sorrow of my salt
is joy for you,
but still I took you hand
and said:

“Tonight the moon is kind,
I’ll walk you to the sea
and we can let the surf decide”

I knew the treasons of the deep,
you came from green below 
to me
and tonight you’ll leave
to ride the foam of waves, again.

I’ll wait a while but know, 
one night 
the moon will call for me 

I’ll cry
I’ll taste the salt 
I’ll fill the pockets of my coat with rocks,
to see the sea, the green and…

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