A reading of my poem “The Storm”

Amazing verbal and written poetry.

The Waves of Poetry

Dear Reader, I invite you to embark on a perilous journey across the Atlantic. This multimedia project featuring visuals of a tempestuous ocean was inspired by Vivaldi’s masterpiece – Presto from “Summer” (The Four Seasons).

It's Sunset. All the sea is covered by a lunar mist,
Although the distant land seems near.
The clouds thicken, as the salty dunes embrace and twist -
Caressingly, away they steer.
Let the audacious wind disturb the airy sail:
We have no fear of storms and saints,
Between the hidden rocks manoeuvring without fail,
Forgetting our old complaints.The thunder rumbles ruthlessly and sways the sturdy deck - A portent of misfortune grim. The lightning's arrow left an incandescent track: Don't take this darkness for a dream! Encompassed by the icebound gloom and shreds of silver foam, Which soars to the stars, like smoke, We enter murky caves - where myriads of luring sirens…

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