12am heels

Amazing poetry shared.

a.m.a.r.a.n.t.h.i.n.e ... the end less

I rush down the stairs past the lounge

The black velvet dress clings to my waist

Showing off my perfectly sculpted figure.

My mind thinks through the decision with haste

ALways being nerd and dorky

I sat endless hours and

thought twice about the party

Finally i head over to my room

In a fit of emotions,

I find myself covering my face

With tons of makeup i don’t even know

It was terrible, like wandering lost in a maze

I looked different

Staring at the mirror

I knew i had lost the girl in ponytails

To someone who’d drink and smoke up, but a lot more stronger

I wondered if i’d go down

But no..

Cause i knew someone would call me a whore

And once again it would break me

Glancing over to the side

My eyes get hold of the chic heels

And i wonder how i…

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