Would you?…

  Would you?
I am sorry I caused you pain.
I wouldn’t want to break your heart,
I am a forgotten man and you are a beautiful flower.
Love me not, for men who gave -in,
accepted less.
Cannot be saved.
You are the sun that break through the clouds on a rainy day,
you are a blessing and a kind voice.
Forgive me dear love.
If I could. I would.
One day with you,
would be enough.
Would you, could you.
Make me smile for a thousand years.
Great sea and heavy burden.
Leave me wishing upon a star.
Wishing you are know happiness and joy,
making me wish to see your beautiful face.
Love me not, love me more.
Beautiful places and beautiful faces.
Last dreams held in sweet dreams,
become lasting wishes.
Would you, could you.
Bathe in the sweetness of love.
I would owe you a billion kisses, kind friend.