Julia Westlin beautiful voice and some words.


Teach me tiger


Sweet woman had lingered on my mind all day. Her long sun kissed legs and skin spread across soft sheets and bed. Left me  wanting to see wanting smile and tempting body.


She looked as fragile as a soft and tender kitten. She called me on the telephone and she whispered. I’m waiting. Please come home soon my wild beast. Teach me tiger how much you need my kiss and embrace.


I told her. All I think of. Is you. I dream of long tanned legs and tender warm kisses. I need you in my view. I need you close, I need your wildness to come alive. Make me forget everything except your perfect face and need to be in your embrace.


Kind woman is waiting on satin sheets and her red dress on, allowing long legs and tender shoulders to be free. I come home to her. Fall on the soft bed. Caressed her feet and her ankle bracelet of heart and stone. I told her.
Please don’t change. You leave me breathless and the allure of kiss and embrace make me want to live and die in your arms.


Sweet woman falls to the floor and lay her head into my lap. She raised her face up and she whispered. Teach me tiger, teach me to be wanted and needed. Make me your only wish and I will be your only need my lover.


Coyote/John Castellenas