It it be your will..

If it be your will



My dear Winter love. I held you so tightly in the long cold Winter days and nights.
We confessed love and need  in the safety of locked doors.
You were my Juliet, my savior and I was your Romeo. I was going to save and protect you. You were going to make me feel needed and loved.



You were my beautiful muse. Your bare skin against my skin, your lips upon my lips. Kisses so warm and sweet. Made the long nights become warm and safe. I knew we held the utopia of two dreamers who held love over life.



You told me often. “If it be your will. I will run nude and reckless for you into your wanting arms. I’m your love and you are my love. I want us to become water and fire. Combining together. Create wild storm than a place of calmness.”



I remember painting your tender skin with gentle touch and kiss. Roaming perfect secret valleys and hidden corners where lovers fear not the night. Just the day. I told you.



I want you near, my lover. I need your lips upon my lips and I need your hands upon my heart caressing me with sweet words and atonement of perfect embrace and no broken promises. After the day is done. You are my only wish and my only need.



You bring me closer and whispered. “If it be your will. I’m here for you and I won’t leave you sweet Johnnie. Love is enough for us and we must embrace the nights with open heart and fearless song.



Dancing Coyote