Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July


My father was a soldier in the Korean war , his father was soldier in WW2. My stepfather served in WW2 with honor. I served with brave men of all races for almost 15 years. We did not see color, religion or race. We were brothers and sisters in the cause of freedom. My best mentors were the Black Vietnam vets. They saw madness in me and they liked me. I mentored many. The Army, we were family. If a soldier was struggling. Us leaders would empty our wallets out and help the soldier in need. It is time to erase the word “color”. American is the mix of all races. It is time to offered concern, kindness and healing. My USA  isn’t perfect. There are good people and there are bad people. There are bad leaders and good leaders. This is the USA. A melting pot of many races and I am proud to live in the USA. I live in Clinton Twp. All races are succeeding, working and knowing success. Life isn’t easy. I tell my grandchildren. You can do anything. Education, hard work and skill. Make a man or woman strong. Great leader once told us. If half your population on government benefits. You are communist now. I wish the people seeking free money and easy life  would be like a soldier.  Stand tall, go forward, be educated and seek results. Not make excuses. USA is my home and the place where every man or woman can seek greatness or failure. Happy 4th of July. Time to burn sage for peace, time to light a candle for no-more violence. Time us us to walk as one. Not making excuses and crying. Let’s Change our world for the better.


John Castellenas


My Grandchildren. A mix of many races. I tell them. You can do anything and be anything you want.