If I could, I would..

 If I could, I would.
First words and last words, we cannot forget.
If I could, I would go back in time, spend more time with dear grandmother.
She called me honey, dear and her baby boy.
She was my safe-haven for 50 years.
I miss her voice, I miss her face and I miss her kind words.
“Remember sweetie, grandma is here for you, if needed.”
Grandpa Reyes lived in Detroit and he took care of me and my sister.
Never a great talker and I tried to see him weekly.
He gave everything to me and my sister,
he never complained and his advice was solid and wise.
He told me often. Good men love and take care of their family.
Please visit me more and if you need anything, just ask.
The Friday phone call at 8 pm on Friday. I called my father weekly.
We would talk and laugh for a hour,
he always had time for me,
we become great friends in my adult days.
I learn, men bleed, men love and men hurt.
I wish for the 8 pm call today.
Me and my baby girl.
she was my teacher of love,
before her,
love was mystery and unknown to my heart.
The first time I held her,
she stole my heart and I would keep her safe till my last breath.
We went to her 3rd grade, father and daughter dance in 2004.
I was working two jobs and today.
One of my blessed days.
If I could I would,
I would slow down time.
I learn too late for my children,
time goes by too fast,
I became a better Grandfather than father.
Now I spend time daily with the grandchildren,
we celebrate the warm days,
we do road trips to the lakes and the parks.
I ensure I spend time with them,
little boys become men.
We must teach them,
love near is what life should be.
I know one day. I will see my mentors and I will thank them for being kind to me.