I called your name…

I called your name

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


                            I called your name
I called your name standing on the Monterey pier. The stars didn’t listen to my prayer.
I recalled a memory, a blessing, a forsaken place and tangle web of a dangerous dance.
I was the moon, you were the sun. A eclipse of two hearts create a celestial sea where we stole seconds, minutes.
Dear Celia, I remember your skin of lily white, your eyes of ocean blue. We danced in love shadows and we knew the folly of our deeds.
I wrote you a million words of poesy, I aspired to see your face again. I remembered, we prayed, we laughed and we cried. I remember your coy smile and your last words to me.
“I loved you for a thousand days, I will love you till the sun and the moon can meet. Forget-me-not sweet word-man. We may kiss and part. One evening, a magic hour, when everyone is asleep. We will know the gladness of love and you can steal many kisses.”
I prayed to the stars, I prayed to Eros, send me my damsel of light, my sea-flower of the moving sea, I need to hear her softest voice. “Come dance with me, be my love forever till the ending of time.” We will fall into nuptial embrace and be part of the nightly stars showing the world. Love is blessed and sweet.
                           Dancing Coyote