A Fiery Sonnet

Amazing poetry shared.

The Waves of Poetry

This digital painting depicts a woman-artist, holding a round mirror in one hand and a palette with two brushes in the other. The young lady reflecting in the mirror, her model, is smiling at the painter lovingly.
“Portrait de la jeune fille en feu” by Vasilisa Semiletova

This poem is dedicated to the film“Portrait of a Lady on Fire.”The exquisite digital painting for the sonnet was created by my dearest friend, a talented young artist Vasilisa Semiletova. You can behold her masterpieces here:https://vk.com/elopeople, and don’t hesitate to follow herInstagram!

I paint my dear love in subtle tones Upon the canvas, luminous and warm. Before my eyes - stripped to the bare bones - Her soul ignites, as though about to burn… "If you observe me, who do I look at?" - Her question sets my quietude aflame. "Remember us, beloved, don't regret: Your portrait glows within a golden frame!" The years pass: my heart still skips a beat Whenever it recalls the day she smiled; I turned around, confessing my defeat, Forever from the lover's arms exiled. Alas, her longing gaze…

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