I want to love a Bonnie girl.

I want to love a Bonnie girl
I am dreaming of dear Scotland again,
once my pretty Sheena and I,
we were drunk in love.
We knew wanderlust of roaming the German places of beauty and wonder.
She was my pale skin beauty, who made me smile and  she made me laugh at life hard days.
She was my wild and soft Bonnie girl,
I remember we would dance for the moon and the stars.
She weaved stories for me and I held her tightly.
Now my timeless love,
my beautiful auburn beauty,
her words still haunting my thoughts.
“Soldier go where they suppose to go,
war is never ending and foolish men want to taste war and death.
Please come to Scotland with me,
be my love,
let’s find a place to rest and to love.
I will be your Bonnie girl forever.”
Old soldier went to Scotland too late.
His Bonnie girl couldn’t wait for the wandering soldier.
He left her be, never said his proper goodbye.
Now wishful man dreamed of a Bonnie girl.
                             Dancing Coyote