I would steal the moon for you..

I would steal the moon for you
My beloved, my midnight dream, my three am dancer.
We found safe haven near the sea,
small tent and sleeping bag.
We drank tequila with the bitter lemon.
We danced for the stars and the moon for the Pacific.
I told you my love,
I would steal the moon for you,
I would leave my world for a secret place.
where you and I,
can be safe and sound.
Pretty lady smiled and she whispered.
If you go away,
will you forget my face?
would you miss my voice?
Would you yearn for me?
I told her,
If I must leave you,
I would dream of your beautiful face every night,
I would wish to hear your song when the sun was bright,
I would the count the minute till I would see your beautiful face.
I would be a empty shell without you.
She whispered, If you stay,
we could play by the sea everyday,
we would drink the wine at the River Inn,
you could write poetry and I would write the great novel.
I would keep you safe and away from your damn wars.
Johnnie, please stop and let’s make believe.
There is no war,
just you and I.
Dancing by the sea and we would know love embrace.
I brought my Gypsy girl closer and I told her.
You are my utopia, my peace, my sweetest muse.
I love you so.
                          Dancing Coyote